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"Backyard Railways"
on DVD  $12.99

Backyard Railways on DVD

"Backyard Railways" delights kids as they watch garden scale model trains in action. This 60-minute DVD includes two programs: "Riding Household Railways" tours five indoor and outdoor layouts, and "G-Scale Journey" takes a trip through real-life environments. These fun videos are filmed from the perspective of the models themselves.

Backyard Railways on DVD

Riding Household Railways on DVD

Riding Household Railways  This is the  first of two included programs featuring five G-Scale layouts. Imagine being only three inches tall and viewing a model train trip as passenger, engineer and trackside spectator. The Woodland Railway is a massive wooded garden layout meandering through live miniature trees, buildings and trestles. The Living Room Railway is a maze of track-work and catenary. The Household Railway has the run of the house. The Garden Railway is a western theme. The Electric Tramway portrays a rush-hour exodus from a foggy European town. The entire family will be entertained, and leave children wondering if these are models or the real thing.

G-Scale Journey on DVD

G-Scale Journey  The second program is all about the trip. Kids travel aboard an LGB model passenger train as it winds through real-life environments. These are not trains running in circles, but traveling from point A to point B through natural settings. Kids are also treated to side excursions aboard model freight trains, trams, streetcars, and trolleys. This video even has a train wreck in a dramatic conclusion titled "Bridge Out!" The entire 60-minute DVD is G-Scale entertainment at its very best. It received glowing reviews from national model railroading magazines and won first place at the Eleventh Annual ITVA Maryland Video Festival. It's a fun DVD for the entire family with great music.

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Reviews: eBay Feedback

Beautiful Video! I was mesmerized and felt like a kid again. Fantastic!!!!!!

One of the very best videos on the subject I ever saw. A magnificent eBayer.

If you love G-Scale trains, your going to love this fantastic DVD. A++ and Fast Shipping.

Professionally done DVD, priced fairly, recommended to all LGB owners highly.

Best bang for the buck on eBay - Awesome video - Very detailed and crisp.

Video is great for young and old. My son is working on wearing out the DVD! A++

Very cool model train DVD. Whole family enjoyed it. Great folks to deal with. 

Great seller! Superbly produced video! Very enjoyable! Thank you!!!

NTSC English Full Frame Color 60 Minutes
DVD is all-region NTSC. Buyers in countries with PAL standard require a multi-format DVD player.

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