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"Lucy the Basenji"
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Lucy the Basenji on DVD

This 30-minute video was created just for the Basenji owner. When Bill Spicer brought his puppy home, he knew he had a spirited animal that needed some serious training. Basenjis are intelligent, but also very independent, and known for being difficult to train. Bill introduces the Basenji breed and demonstrates his training techniques.

Lucy the Basenji face

Basenji Breed, Behavior & Training on DVD

This barkless dog from Africa is not your everyday dog and presents unique challenges to owners. Basenjis can be a handful and unless they see a benefit, they have little desire to obey their human master. Bill introduces the Basenji breed and shares his training tips and tricks.

Lucy the Basenji on DVD Chapters

KP, Basenji

Companion to the pharaohs, the Basenji is one of the oldest breeds. Because they do only what they think is in their best interest, they are notorious for being difficult to train. Bill demonstrates his personal training techniques. He offers simple solutions to common problems, discusses health, nutrition, and control techniques that keeps Lucy healthy, happy and safe.

This is the only video created specifically for the Basenji owner. Whether you are planning to get a Basenji, already have one, or want a gift for a Basenji owner, this DVD will both inform and entertain.

Brindle, Basenji

Lucy the Basenji in her snow coat

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Reviews: eBay Feedback

Great DVD, exciting to find useful info about Basenji's. Highly recommended.

Fast shipping, and a very informative and charming DVD.

Good advice & well delivered. Especially useful to us before we got our new puppy!

Wonderful DVD, that Lucy girl is a real charmer! DVD was well packaged. Thanks!

This DVD is fantastic! Paris our Basenji loves it. Speedy delivery. Great seller!

Very fast ship and a great training video for any Basenji owner.

Quick shipping...great video...we love Lucy!!!!

NTSC English Full Frame Color 30 Minutes
DVD is all-region NTSC. Buyers in countries with PAL standard require a multi-format DVD player.

Bill Spicer and Lucy the Basenji

Remember, Basenjis are people too!

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