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"Train Sounds"
 of the 1940s & 50s
on Audio CD  $15.99

Train Sounds on Audio CD

Imagine you are standing track-side as passenger trains powered by steam locomotives roar by with whistles blowing and first-generation F7 diesels pulling freight cars clickety clacking over rail joints. You will hear the power, feel the rumble, and maybe smell the coal smoke! Makes a wonderful gift!

Train Sounds on Audio CD

Original recordings made 60 years ago by Harold S. Spicer.

Steam locomotives starting off, bells ringing and pistons chugging.

Engineers blowing their whistles in signature style.

Steam locomotives passing grade crossings while gates close and warning bells sound.

High speed steam passenger trains approaching and disappearing into the night.

Steam freights chugging out of the yard, pulling up to speed and rolling off into the distance.

F7 diesels pulling freight cars clickety-clacking over rail joints.

High and low speed diesels with horns blasting.

Train Sounds on Audio CD - Harold Spicer Records

"Train Sounds" was recorded by my late father, Harold S. Spicer, an award-winning photographer for the Baltimore News Post from 1939 to 1972. He had a passion for steam locomotives and enjoyed recording and photographing these behemoths in action. We are fortunate he had the foresight to preserve the sounds of the Baltimore and Ohio, New York Central, Western Maryland, and Pennsylvania Railroads.

Train Sounds on Audio CD - Billy and Harold Spicer

This 72-minute Audio CD contains 80 original exterior recordings from the 1940s and 50s. As these trains rumble past, you will hear a wide variety of whistles blown in signature style by engineers from a bygone era. It is pure nostalgia for rail fans and the perfect add-on for model railroads. Whether for yourself or as a gift for your father or spouse, these historic recordings will evoke memories and emotions.

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Reviews: eBay Feedback

If you're a rail fan, you'll love this CD! Amazing audio quality from the 40s! A+

Extremely fast shipping! I love it! My thanks to you and your father!

Nice item, good background effects for the layout! Fast shipping. A+++

Excellent, very hard to find steam locomotive sounds. It's like you're there. Thanks.

Fellow eBayers, PLEASE make sure your school library has a copy of these recordings.

Great item, fast shipping and kudos for preserving our wonderful past!

Words can't describe the satisfaction. Awesome sounds. Great memories.

Stretch out on the couch, glass of Kentucky's finest, headphones on max, heaven!

Great CD!  Brings my layout to life THANK YOU Bill  AAA+++

This is an awesome CD. My mom started crying when she heard it.

Great for the modeler. Excellent sound quality. Highly recommended!!!

CD is a historical treasure. Fastest fulfillment ever!!!

What a wonderful gift your father left us all. Thanks for sharing. A++++++++++++

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