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"When Steam Ruled"
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When Steam Ruled on DVD

Harold Spicer was a photographer for the Baltimore News Post. He loved steam locomotives and used his talents to document them before they were gone forever. This DVD showcases his photographs and audio recordings preserving the sights and sounds of the Baltimore and Ohio, New York Central, and Pennsylvania railroads.

When Steam Ruled on DVD

"When Steam Ruled" presents Harold Spicer's entire photograph collection of steam locomotives from the 1940s and 50s. Included are passenger and freight trains, and even train wrecks. The presentation is backed by the sounds of steam locomotives roaring by with whistles blowing, pistons chugging, crossing gates ringing, and wheels clickety-clacking over rail joints. The DVD offers both Widescreen and Full Frame formats. You will see the detail, feel the rumble, and maybe even smell the coal smoke!

When Steam Ruled on DVD - Harold Spicer with Graflex

My late father, Harold S. Spicer, was a photographer for the Baltimore News Post from 1939 to 1972. His camera of choice was the 4x5 Graflex, which produced high resolution negatives and prints. The superb quality of his photos lent to the visual clarity of this DVD. His unfulfilled dream was to publish a book, but that dream has come true in the creation of this DVD enabling rail fans around the world to enjoy his work.

When Steam Ruled on DVD - Harold Spicer with wire recorder

The sound track is comprised of recordings made with his wire recorder, forerunner of the tape recorder. He often set up his equipment at the Lansdowne grade crossing in Baltimore where engineers blew their whistles in signature style upon approach. Mr. Spicer also photographed and recorded New York Central steam locomotives whenever we visited his father in Rochester. "When Steam Ruled" is a historical treasure.

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WOW! Excellent Photo's and Audio. Loved it! Many thanks.

Great Steam DVD and personal story behind it--awesome seller!

Excellent DVD! No problems! I highly recommend this seller's DVDs and CDs!

Highly recommend this seller. Quality service & products! THANKS!!!!

Exceptionally well done. Excellent photos and sound. Highly recommended.

What a great legacy from a father to a son. Thanks for sharing. Peace 'N' Love

Got it earlier than expected, excellent quality, glad to do business with you.

Received this quality product... Fast delivery...Your father's work lives on!!!

When Steam Ruled on DVD - Billy by New York Central

NTSC English Widescreen  B&W  60 Minutes
DVD is all-region NTSC. Buyers in countries with PAL standard require a multi-format DVD player.

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